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The original version has a paint program with a color palette, fill tool, different size brushes, etc. but for this purpose we offer to download the 'zip file' below and open the coloring page into your favorite paint program. Windows Paint is excellent this purpose. You may also print out the coloring pages blank and color by hand. Don't forget to print out your completed masterpiece to frame and hang in your room.

READY TO COLOR PAGES LittleMermaid.zip (Zip file)

Coloring instruction computer:
1. Zip tool required (Free jzip.com)
2. Click on zip file above, Open with/ zip tool (set as default).
3. Set up zip files (ready to color pages) to open with your paint program (right click/Open with/ Paint), now the ready to color pages open in Paint ready to color.

Coloring instruction iPhone/iPad:
1. Get the Winzip app
2. From the coloring zip files unzip and save in your 'Camera Roll'.
3. Get the Paint Orgaija app, it's free but the crayon tool requires purchase $1.99 (best tool) / from the Paint program load a picture file from Camera Roll and paint.

Created by Anthony Davis & Harry Davis
Voices by Melissa Bill, Debi Anthony & Harry Davis
Permission by Imagery Studios Inc.

A Imagery Studios Production

Imagery Studios Inc